Are You Facing a Civil Lawsuit in Fairfield, CT?

Are You Facing a Civil Lawsuit in Fairfield, CT?

Build your defense with help from a trusted civil defense litigation attorney

If you're being sued, it's important to obtain an attorney from a credible civil defense law firm. The Tortora Law Firm, LLC in Connecticut can provide you with an experienced civil defense litigation attorney who will quickly help you build your case. You'll work directly with our managing attorney, Michael J. Tortora, to personalize your defense and put your best foot forward in court.

Call us today to discuss your civil defense case with attorney Michael J. Tortora. The Tortora Law Firm, LLC is based in Fairfield, CT but serves the entire state.

Why trust attorney Michael J. Tortora to handle your case?

Managing attorney Michael J. Tortora has a knack for staying one step ahead of his opponents in court. He gained this skill through his extensive defense work. He is board-certified as a Civil Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, which makes him even more credible. You can depend on him to work toward a favorable outcome for your civil defense litigation case.

Work with a civil defense law firm you can trust. Schedule an appointment today by calling 203-292-5436.